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Private Security Bureau

Rules and regs - How to become a Texas Lic Private Investigator, and where to report a private investigator if you should have a complaint.

Children's Bill of Rights

What every parent should read while going though a divorce.

Do It Yourself Divorce Forms

Yes, it's possible to do your own divorce

Where to Report Child Abuse - CPS

This is where you go to report child abuse. They are headquartered right here in Austin, Texas.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Website and specifically children who are missing here in Texas - their pictures and descriptions. Most experts agree that parental abduction of children is the same as child abuse and is the most extreme form of parental alienation. This is occasionally seen in child custody cases, though, it has yet to happen under my watch as a Guardian ad Litem. As a Private Investigator, I will do my best to find your lost or missing children.

A pretty good article if you have been falsely accused of child abuse or sexually abusing a child - what to expect and guidelines on how to handle the situation. Always consider a child abuse allegation as serious and for goodness sake consult an attorney who specializes in this area right away. Give me a call so I may be of assistance as well. Heck, the article suggests the use of a private investigator. Though, it is more common that men are accused of child sexual abuse, it also happens to women - even grandmothers. Nobody is immune from this happening to them and statistically it happens most frequently in divorce and child custody cases.

Divorce Guides / Resources

Texas Lawyer Referral Service If you feel you may need a divorce or family law lawyer now or at some time in the future, contact TxLRS immediately for a free consultation with a qualified lawyer.

Parenting You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to an attorney for a basic, “out of the box” Parenting Plan that doesn’t take into account your family and the things that make it unique.

Supervised Visitation Directory is the largest listing of supervised visitationproviders and services worldwide.

Parenting Plans lets you create and develop your parenting plan online, working collaboratively with your spouse or attorney. You can even work in real-time with your designated guest(s) if you choose, or simply create your plan and submit it for filing. Simply select one of our ‘starter’ plans (provided), then modify it to fit your needs with the easy-to-use online editor.

Parenting Powerful and easy-to-use Custody Tracking tool. Helps stop visitation denial and interference with your parenting time. Rated 5 Stars by SPARC and by Custody

The Family Therapy Center The Family Therapy Center of N.Y. and Georgia fights for both parents’ accessibility to their children and provides expert testimony and custodial assessments to parents undergoing divorces and separations.

Shared Parenting Forum

Family and Fathers Advocacy Groups / Resources

Fathers and

American Coalition for Fathers and Children

Child Custody Evaluation Services, Katherine A. Elias, M.Ed., L.P.C., N.C.C.

Children’s Rights Council

Fathers Helping Fathers A national group with educational classes and development programs to assist fathers

Bonus Families Fostering peaceful coexistence for divorced parents & their new families

Custody Useful and informative site

Fathers Are Parents Too!, Inc

Children’s Justice Karl Denninger’s excellent site

Louisiana Divorced Fathers Initiative

Dads Against Discrimination

Dads Against Discrimination (National Headquarters)


American Fathers Coalition

The National Fathers’ Resource Center

Mens Movement Organizations

The Men’s Defense Association Advocates for men and fathers

Fathers Rights Foundation

National Congress for Fathers & Children Outstanding resource site

Promoting Responsible Fatherhood

Domestic Rights Coalition Men’s & Father’s Rights!!

Justice First Another one of Lee Hunt’s sites, very informative.

Men’s Divorce Rights

The National Center for Fathering

Child Support Related Sites

Child Support Guidelines

Project for the Improvement of Child Support Litigation Technology

Justice First The Truth About Child Support


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